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November 4, 2020

By: José Efraín Caballero Sevilla


The election in the United States to determine the president for the next four years puts into play the political project to which the North American nation will submit, antagonistic projects represented by Donald Trump of the Republican party and Joe Biden of the Democratic party.

These elections have the distinction of defining not only the economic and political destiny of the United States, but also that of various countries in the world, since it is in dispute which project will be promoted by the eventual winner.

If he were to win, Donald Trump would give continuity to his deglobalizing policy, which opts for nationalism and a boost to U.S. sovereignty, as he has been constantly referring to with his slogan "America First", leading a unilateral policy of trade protectionism and forcing the world to "respect" the United States.

With various policies he has promoted the repatriation of companies to North American territory, and has promoted the increase in tariffs for imports, thus giving protection to its national industry.

Under his motto in 2016 "Make America great again", the same that Ronald Reagan used in his 1980 campaign, it is how he has guided a policy contrary to his predecessor Barack Obama, who defends globalism, and seeks the continuity of neoliberalism through Democrat Joe Biden of Barack Obama's political camp.

President Obama in 2016 affirmed that “there is no return to the world before globalization” but he has had to reckon with the fact that he no longer has enough influence to make the project prevail, which has been cast for decades, and of which he had been an important promoter.

For his part, the influence that Donald Trump enjoys is such that it is no coincidence that after his electoral victory in 2016, countries have emerged that also identify with that nationalist vision, which is gradually becoming more popular in the world.

Obrador's nationalist project, which aims to regain sovereignty and energy self-sufficiency, as well as in various strategic areas, coincides with current US policy, where Trump has protected his economy as a priority, which is why he has waged an economic trade war against the United States' main competitor, China. As a result, the trade deficit has been reversing in favor of the United States.

The protectionist-nationalist policy has echoed or been replicated by other world leaders, among which we can mention—in addition to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador—Turkish President Erdogan, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Brazilian President Bolsonaro, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and recently appointed Argentine President Alberto Fernández, among others.

For this reason, it matters a lot for our country; who will the winner be in the US election? It should be noted that the Democrats and their globalist policies are viewed with sympathy by the right-wing parties in Mexico.

In recent days, various Mexican leaders who identify with right-wing politics have spoken in favor of Joe Biden, as we've seen in various media.

On the other hand, the nationalism promoted by Donald Trump has similarities with the current nationalism in Mexico, which has been dismantling the agreements made by its respective predecessors. An example is the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris agreement, signed by Obama, as well as reversing the rapprochement with Cuba, etc. while Obrador reversed the structural reforms of the previous administration.

Evidence of good relations and collaboration between the two governments is the seen in the judicial order, where the United States is taking Mexican politicos from previous administrations to trial, which is a testament to the harmony that exists between both governments. Whether it will have continuity will depend on who assumes the presidency for the next four years.

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