Yesterday the State Attorney General's Office announced the apprehension of two people in relation to the murder of the Salamanca journalist last week. Martín Eduardo N. and José Luis N are allegedly responsible for the murder. The arrest took place on November 13, in the same neighborhood Israel was murdered. Firearms were also secured in the arrest which should help the investigation.

I have to say, authorities when they want to be, can be effective. I'm surprised how quickly they scooped these guys up. I was also surprised they arrested El Azul a month after they got El Marro. And there have been a couple significant CSRL guys arrested as well. The problem now will be keeping them in jail and getting convictions that hold. Not often talked about is any sort of judicial reform, which is just as important in many ways as law enforcement reform. We have seen examples over and over of law enforcement doing their part in finding and apprehending the suspect. But the judicial system not doing its part and letting the suspect go.