A poorly thought out photo can completely compromise your security, here's how:

The portions of the image I censored show a storefront name along with an address on a local banner. Even with the store fronts redacted, the area they snapped has many unique parts that make it identifiable. All a law enforcement officer would need to do is get the CCTV from that shop they're sitting in, or the cameras around the area. Since the photo wasn't posted from camera roll they would know exactly what time to look on the footage and could easily find them.

That's the meat of the headline upfront. Now if you're still interested here is a bit of what this person is eluding to as "work". They send payments (from stolen accounts) with the stipulation the recipient will send a portion of that to a separate account they control. Most commonly the middlemen get to keep 40%. The point being to give plausible deniability to the scammer, effectively shifting the blame to the scape goat who received the money.

In a future series I hope to document this more thoroughly. The particularly devilish part of this scam is how they casually market it. "Who can download an app to make some free money?" is a ubiquitous line almost all of these fraudsters use. It never is free money though, because as we all know that just doesn't exist.