On Monday night in Michoacán, armed men shot to death the treasurer of the municipality of Cotija. Roberto Silva Andrade was driving home with two other occupants when armed men intercepted his car, forcing him out and killing him. There were two other men with Mr. Andrade who were supposedly left unharmed. Like most incidents from Michoacán, there isn't much else reported.

The peanut gallery on Facebook though had an opinion to offer. Those known to be associated with Los Viagras point the finger at CJNG. Claiming that they mistakenly killed the man. I guess they believe it was a mistake because the man was understood to them to be working for CJNG.

"Checked cjng they make a mistake and they kill their major ally and who gave them the square of cotija to those of jalisco it is said that I arrive at a checkpoint of the assassins and I am scared and they shot him they killed the goose of the golden eggs in cotija and that they do not load it to other people you jaliscos killed it in mistake" [DeepL]

"Last night, the Jalisco cartel shot Roberto Silva, treasurer of Cotija, on his right hand, and also shot another person who, according to llamaba, was a cornelius in Barrio Fuerte.

The way that poster is going is going to leave Cotija without people." [Deep L]


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