Press outlets report the death of Francisco Leonides Cruz, the Secretary of Public Security for Doctor Coss in Nuevo León. The attack happened on Tuesday and was carried out by men allegedly associated with the Northeast Cartel (CDN). The Secretary was traveling early morning with his security detail when they were ambushed.

Breitbart reports that an up-armored vehicle was used, which would make sense since we have seen the group in recent weeks launch offensives using them. The truck seen in the photo above from Breitbart seems to show that it was heavily rammed by something else, presumably the up-armored. This town sits below the Tamaulipas municipality Miguel Aleman. That area has been ground zero throughout the year for confrontations between groups in the region.

Mr. Cruz was a retired military sergeant and had faced multiple attacks against his life over the years, even being kidnapped at one point. In an attack that took place in June of 2017, he fooled the attackers by pretending he was dead.

Following the attack, the governor of the state released a statement saying that a state police apparatus will take over security in the municipality for 90 days.