On February 27, 2021, Javier, 26, was with three friends after spending the afternoon with his family. Javier worked with his brother in a boutique where they sold clothing and shoes. He and his wife Angelica had a baby eight months earlier. The vehicle that Javier and his three friends were traveling in was fired on by members of the Army and Javier was killed.

The soldiers claimed that they had acted in self defense by shooting at the vehicle's tires and reported finding a gun and several magazines inside the vehicle which the three survivors claimed had been planted. A sodium rhodizonate assay on Javier's hands revealed he had not fired a gun.

According to Javier's widow, a few days after the incident, military representatives visited her to offer compensation to help with funeral expenses. They told her that accepting the assistance would not imply giving up on civil or criminal litigation against the soldiers involved. Nevertheless, she declined the offer.

On March 10, 2021, María Elena González, 21, and her husband Jacob Rodríguez, 20, were on their way to an appointment at the Red Cross for a sixth month ultrasound when their vehicle came under fire from soldiers with the 24th Calvary Regiment. They were traveling in Jacob's mother's 2003 Yukon and after coming under fire, Jacob pulled over and attempted to shield María with his body. According to María Elena:

When I stood up, Jacob was already shot in the cheek, I came out screaming from the truck and the soldiers were pointing their weapons at me. I told them that we were not bad people, that we were coming from the Red Cross for an ultrasound. They kept their weapons pointed at me, I walked to the other side of the truck and saw Jacob on the ground, a soldier pointed his weapon at him and I threw myself on his body so they wouldn't shoot him.

Jacob had been shot twice, once in the back of the neck through the right cheek, and again in the right shoulder. María Elena pleaded with the soldiers to help her husband. The soldiers kept their weapons trained on María Elena and her husband and instructed them not to move.

Emergency medical services arrived and administered first aid to Jacob. He was transported to a hospital where he died two and half hours later. No charges have been brought against the soldiers for the killing.

Jacob Rodríguez (Animal Politico)

Agents from the Guardia Nacional patrolling on April 8 opened fire on the driver of a blue pickup truck near the International Bridge in Nuevo Laredo, killing him instantly. The driver was Jorge Alberto Rivera Cardoza, 42, a customs broker. According to information collected by the Human Rights Commission, military personnel planted ammunition, drugs and handheld radios to justify the shooting.

The GN also was involved in a separate incident in which an unidentified woman was killed. The killings of Jorge Alberto and the unidentified woman led to demonstrations which blocked traffic on two international crossings in Nuevo Laredo. No charges have been filed in either incident.


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