Additional Information about each incident can be found here, The History Of "CJNG Grupo Élite"

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This map and others that you see here will be updated in the coming weeks. They should all work on mobile devices, but overall will work(and look) better on a normal size computer screen. Turning your phone horizontally though will render the map much larger.

Our plan is to test out various map implementations to decide which works best for our intentions. The map you see below is from a company called ESRI. The maps listed in the navigation pane are produced by software built by a company called MapBox.

Current map software in use on this website

- Guanajuato
- Michoacán
- Tamaulipas

- "Grupo Elite" Attributed Activity Map(seen below)

Esri map

This map below I have changed a lot on. The main focus with this map is Guanajuato because that is where most of our data points reside at the moment. As that changes, I will turn off the darkened part for the relevant state. You can toggle the different layers in the pane to the left opened by the arrow in the top left corner. One of the cooler things with Esri is all the base maps that it comes with. Which allows you to totally change the look of the map while still retaining all of your layers and data on top.