By: Jorge A. Pérez González @MISTER_OPTIMUS

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Sunday June 27, 2021

No matter how strained it may be, it is impossible to ignore the stark images that recall the Nazi holocaust.

Tamaulipas is a no man's land created by official dereliction, from breach of contract, because they have not been able to intelligently address the scourge of authorized crime, because they have not wanted to effectively oppose those that prey on the population.

And so the news of the 72 migrants executed in a dilapidated building in 2010 went around the world, and we were all ashamed, as if we were responsible.

The residents of San Fernando, heartbroken, believed that with this appalling example, the federal authorities would sweep the ranches and ejidos to restore equanimity, but it was not like that, and later clandestine graves appeared a few kilometers from that same decaying building.

How ironic, then, that in the first day after three of finding them, that the authorities reported 59 bodies, and then 13 more—another 72 bodies—all hauled off to Matamoros, piled onto trucks like garbage, without dignity for those who died without even knowing why.

For the Federal Attorney General at that time, there was no urgent crisis. Maybe that's why only two forensic pathologists attended to the identification and processing of these collateral casualties, which meant nothing to them and so they didn't care, since they were not dignified with so much as a trash bag while in storage in the back of a refrigerated trailer.

The callousness of the authorities is such that they refuse to act with integrity to protect the public, abandoning common sense while never missing an opportunity to boast about their achievements in terms of security in virtual conferences, while their citizens lay bleeding out, dying, and those of us who remain die of humiliation.

They delight in inviting the world to see only what gets good publicity, while hiding the real figures and inventing others. In the streets, they present a sanitized version of a reality bleeding through what they try to obscure.

Their incompetence is so abject that they disguise and present anyone killed as a result of their own tactical error as a hitman, which is why they believe that their own lies are credible, even after they are caught red-handed.

In their arrant ignorance, they cannot comprehend that they have their homegrown adversaries because they themselves are responsible for letting them remain free. They are incapable of understanding that they sold an empty future to the public under false pretenses. Worse, they believe that they are actually winning the battle, at the expense of innocent lives of people whose only fault was leaving their homes on Saturday to go to work, or to get groceries or to go for a walk.

Tamaulipas continues to be exhibited before the world as a barbarian people, as beings unworthy of inhabiting this world, without ever having a chance to show the true quality of the people who live in San Fernando, their strength and integrity for work and their dedication and efforts to flourish while always looking up, waiting for the rains. They ignore the efforts of the residents of Reynosa to turn the area into a premier destination for advancement.

Reynosa, the employment capital of the state, has already suffered profoundly, but these latest events have no precedent or any satisfactory explanation other than politics, and the one that shows them all for what they really are: depraved, heartless liars.

And no one is exempted, in all three levels of government there is great culpability, their cold indifference in the face of these events reveals their true character, ambitious, power-hungry creatures, who do not deserve the recognition of anyone.

The penalty is already exquisite.

Today in Tamaulipas many of us turn our eyes to heaven, waiting for a divine sign, because here on earth there is no response from the authorities chosen to protect us, and since there is no reply, we are filled with despair.

Jorge Alberto Pérez González

[email protected]