Authorities on Tuesday dismantled a clandestine laboratory in Peribán, Michoacán. The operation involved elements from the state police, Army, and the National Guard. The laboratory appears located partly within a cave to evade detection by helicopters. The area exactly is the community of Los Palillos, a mountainous region. Authorities say the laboratory was used to make crystal meth.

Various items related to the production of drugs were discovered at the site.

  • Centrifuge machine
  • Sixteen 200 liter drums with various chemicals
  • Ten 30 kg propane tanks
  • Twelve burners
  • Various chemical precursors

Not named was any specific group associated with the laboratory. It's also unclear if they made any arrests. This discovery is not surprising. Michoacán is a frequent place criminal groups manufacture narcotics. Detailed in the 2015 documentary from Mattew Heineman titled Cartel Land.