A look at the headlines articles out of United States press outlets. I wouldn't necessarily consider these hot-takes, many are simply informative without much opinion. Though I've tried to avoid all the initial articles that simply stated what happen. The majority of these have been published in the last 12 hours. Friendly reminder that authors don't usually write the headline.

A look at H-2 cartel Mexican ex-army chief accused of aiding [Associated Press]

Arrest of former Mexican defense minister shakes military [Associated Press]

Authorities: Top Mexico official helped smuggle drugs to US [Associated Press]

US Arrest of Former Defense Minister Deals Blow to Mexico Military [InSight Crime]

He was Mexico’s defense minister — but also a drug cartel ally, U.S. prosecutors say [The Washington Post]

Who Was ‘El Padrino,’ Godfather to Drug Cartel? Mexico’s Defense Chief, U.S. Says [The New York Times]

'The Godfather': Mexico's ex-defense chief helped ship tons of cocaine and heroin [Reuters]

U.S. Arrests Mexico's Ex-Defense Chief, Accused Of Helping Drug Cartel [NPR]

The DEA Just Arrested Mexico's Ex-Defense Chief in Los Angeles [VICE News]

Former Mexico defence minister arrested on drug charges in Los Angeles [The Guardian]

Mexican Ex-Defense Minister Charged With Helping Cartel Ship Drugs [The Wall Street Journal]

Mexico stunned by L.A. arrest of former defense chief allegedly on drug cartel’s payroll [Los Angeles Times]

Arrest of Top Mexico Defense Official Highlights Urgent Need to Fight Corruption [WOLA]

Arrest of former defense secretary rattles US-Mexico security ties [The Hill]

Mexico's former defense minister arrested on federal drug charges in Los Angeles [CNN]

Ex-army chief and defense minister faces four drug trafficking charges [Mexico News Daily]

Mexico Ex-Military Chief Charged in U.S. With Aiding Cartel [Bloomberg News]