Yesterday (June 9, 2021), some pictures of three young men killed by the Tamaulipas state police were leaked (illegally) by the police to "citizen journalist" conduits for distribution on social media. The anonymous social media personas reported the killings as "a confrontation" in which the police "repelled an aggression".

The pictures show three young men in and around a white Dodge Ram pickup truck with fatal gun shot wounds (GSW) despite initial reports of four subjects killed.


Approximate position of the subjects and direction of GSW injuries

The apparent trajectories of the GSW injuries and the blood and tissue sprayed on the inside of the left passenger window suggests that the police fired at the subjects from at least two or possibly three different directions.

Curiously, while there are brass casings in the frame near subject 1, and two steel case rounds visible near subject 2 (one fired and one live), which could have been from the subjects firing at the police, the police apparently made no attempt to secure the weapons after the subjects were down.

The police are trained to secure any weapons at the scene no matter how dead the subject(s) look before checking for vital signs and administering emergency medical care.

Evidently, that's not what they did. Instead, the police documented a scene which appeared to support their version of events with subjects that look like they died fighting. The police then leaked the photos to conduits for dissemination online.

Whether this was an execution or not, we'll never know. The police assure that these were 'malandros' (thugs) that did not deserve to live. The killings will never be investigated.

And that's the end of that.